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Stay Home! MCO 2.0 Is Here!

Stay Home! MCO 2.0 Is Here!

Dear all,

In light with the recent announcement by Prime Minister,Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin to commence MCO 2.0 (Movement Control Order) from 13th January,2021 - 26trh January,2021in selected states. We hereby announced,that all our retail stores located in Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur and Johor,will be closed,throughout MCO 2.0.

But fret not! All our online platforms,will still be active and ready for order dispatchment through,our 3 platforms! FB Inquiries are also open,should you require any assistance.

Stay safe and shop online!

"Part Of The Journey Is The End." - From Tony Stark

"Part Of The Journey Is The End." - From Tony Stark

"I Love You 3000"

The tear-jerking words,that,made most of us teared up,at the end of Avengers: Endgame. Knowing Tony Stark have to risked it all,to save the universe,he loved,he pre-recorded a hologram message to his daughter,Morgan and his loved ones (Avengers and Family) knowingly,that part of the journey,is the end.

Funko has recreated that scene in probably the most emotional 2-Pack,that,we have ever put on-shelf. Not only you'll get Morgan Stark wearing Rescue's helmet,but,you will also get the hologram version of Tony Stark,sitting down,just,how it was,in the movies,alongside,with the Iron Man helmet,that is used to play the hologram. Best part of all? Its Glow In The Dark.

Don't miss the opportunity by PREORDERING this 2-Pack into your Endgame Collection. Terms and Conditions Apply.

ETA: January,2021

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Order Up! Fall Convention 2020 Pop!s are now Open for Orders!

Order Up! Fall Convention 2020 Pop!s are now Open for Orders!

We are sure that most of you are eagerly waiting for this,and its our great pleasure to inform,Fall Convention 2020 Orders are now OPEN!
Start checking out your favorite Fall Convention Pop!s below! Please refer to our Terms and Conditions in our collection tab and product tab beforehand.
Happy Shopping and Stay Safe!

Fall Convention 2020 is HAPPENING!

Fall Convention 2020 is HAPPENING!

Hi all!

The moment that you all may have probably be waiting for,is finally here! Fall Convention 2020 is happening on 10th October,2020 at 12am!

Due to the recent spike of numbers of Covid-19 cases in Malaysia,we have decided to put the Fall Convention 2020 launch on our Webstore and Shopee Platform,in order,to provide the best and safest experience to you!

In the meantime,hype yourself up with our checklist as these Pop!s are coming on-board. What are your picks for this year's Fall Convention?