News 2 — Announcement

Rise Up,Malaysians!

Rise Up,Malaysians!

Tanah tumpahnya darahku,
Rakyat hidup,
Bersatu dan maju!"

These are not just lyrics,that,we were told to sing,at the young age of all Malaysians. It is a lifestyle and a statement,that should be cherish and lived up,for generations and onwards to our next generation.

With the recent announcement of yet,another MCO (Movement Control Order),let us take this time,to garner our strength,courage and willpower,to fight through this pandemic. Truth is,we were never alone. We have brothers,sisters,abang,kakak,regardless whether they are family or not. The idea,is we call them that,because we are Malaysians,and we are one,but family.

This might be a challenge by many,but remember,we have experienced it before,and we can cope,learn and adapt,as time progress by. Take this time,to look forward to the future,for Malaysia,for you and all of our fellow Malaysians.

So,rise up to the occasion. Let us build strength,through unity. Let us do our part and stay at home! If one stay,many will follow and through there,we are not helping ourself,but helping others. 

We are Malaysians! We are United! We are Strong! Let's hold our Malaysian flag with pride and love towards our beloved country,MALAYSIA!
Stay Home! MCO 2.0 Is Here!

Stay Home! MCO 2.0 Is Here!

Dear all,

In light with the recent announcement by Prime Minister,Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin to commence MCO 2.0 (Movement Control Order) from 13th January,2021 - 26trh January,2021in selected states. We hereby announced,that all our retail stores located in Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur and Johor,will be closed,throughout MCO 2.0.

But fret not! All our online platforms,will still be active and ready for order dispatchment through,our 3 platforms! FB Inquiries are also open,should you require any assistance.

Stay safe and shop online!

Fall Convention 2020 is HAPPENING!

Fall Convention 2020 is HAPPENING!

Hi all!

The moment that you all may have probably be waiting for,is finally here! Fall Convention 2020 is happening on 10th October,2020 at 12am!

Due to the recent spike of numbers of Covid-19 cases in Malaysia,we have decided to put the Fall Convention 2020 launch on our Webstore and Shopee Platform,in order,to provide the best and safest experience to you!

In the meantime,hype yourself up with our checklist as these Pop!s are coming on-board. What are your picks for this year's Fall Convention? 

Wondrous Convention Pop!s Are Coming!

Wondrous Convention Pop!s Are Coming!

Hi all,

We are really excited to bring the upcoming Wondrous Convention Exclusive 2020 Pop!s to Malaysia. However,these are the only available allocated Pop!s that will be coming:

1) Pop! Disney: Coco - Miguel with Guitar [Wondrous Convention Exclusive 2020]

2) Pop! Heroes: Captain Atom - Captain Atom [Wondrous Convention Exclusive 2020]

3) Pop! Star Wars: Boba Fett with Mandalorian Symbol in Pop! Protector [Wondrous Convention Exclusive 2020]

4) Pop! Trolls: Good Luck Trolls - Pink Troll [Wondrous Convention Exclusive 2020]

We look forward to its arrival after MCO period has been lifted (Subject to government extension). And as such,we have open our Pre-Sale from our webstore to cater during this time. Stay safe and stay healthy!

Order Here.

Terms & Conditions:
• Payment is required to secure your pre-sales order. For bank deposit payment, please make payment within 24 hours to avoid cancellation.

• Limit to two units,per customer

• This is a PRE-SALE item. In which release,is subject solely based on AFTER MCO (Movement Control Order) have been lifted

• Postage orders will be dispatched out AFTER MCO (Movement Control Order) have been lifted,onwards,subsequently and subject to custom accordance and government extension of MCO.

• Pickup Check-out is only available at MyTOWN Outlet.

• A notification will be sent via email for pickup,AFTER MCO (Movement Control Order) have been lifted,onwards,subsequently

• Return policy: Goods sold are not refundable, returnable or exchangeable
• While Stocks Last.

• You are abiding with our terms and conditions,with your purchase and we have the rights to cancel your order if you failed to do so.

• Sheldonet reserve the right to cancel or amend the terms and conditions without notice.