FUNKO Mid-September Shipment Arrival (22/9/2020)

FUNKO Mid-September Shipment Arrival (22/9/2020)
What a month! Guess what? We have some interesting upcoming launches. Which one are you most excited about? 

49294 POP Marvel: X-Men 20th- Nightcrawler
49283 POP Marvel: X-Men 20th-WolverineInTanktop
49290 POP Marvel: X-Men 20th- Jean Grey
49288 POP Marvel: X-Men 20th- Storm
49291 POP Marvel: X-Men 20th- Cyclops
49292 POP Marvel: X-Men 20th- Rogue
49289 POP Marvel: X-Men 20th- Beast
49285 POP Marvel: X-Men 20th- Magneto
49286 POP Marvel: X-Men 20th- Mystique
49287 POP Marvel: X-Men 20th- Professor X
49889 POP Disney: Archives- Plane Crazy Mickey
49890 POP Disney: Archives- Classic Mickey
49891 POP Disney: Archives- Sorcerer Mickey
49892 POP Disney: Archives- Beanstalk Mickey
49893 POP Disney: Archives- Mickey Mouse
50730 Advent Calendar: Harry Potter
51204 POP Keychain: Harry Potter Holiday-Harry
51205 POP Keychain: Harry Potter Holiday- Ron
51206 POP Keychain: Harry PotterHoliday-Hermione
51207 POP Keychain: Harry Potter Holiday- Dumbledore
51152 POP HP: Holiday- Harry Potter
51155 POP HP: Holiday- Dumbledore
51153 POP HP: Holiday- Hermione Granger
51154 POP HP: Holiday- Ron Weasley
51156 POP HP: Holiday- 6" Hagrid
9744 POP Marvel: Dr. Strange - Dr. Strange
36661 POP Marvel: Avengers Endgame - Captain America (TS)
47756 POP Marvel: Avengers Game - Iron Man (Stark Tech Suit)
48846 POP Marvel: Black Light- Iron Man
48846 POP Marvel: Black Light- Iron Man
36367 POP Marvel: Comics- Iron Heart w/(GW)CHASE
50655 POP Heroes: DC Holiday- Jack Frost Joker
50655 POP Heroes: DC Holiday- Jack Frost Joker
50654 POP Heroes: DC Holiday- Rudolph Flash
51071 POP Heroes: DC Holiday- Santa Joker
50651 POP Heroes:DC Holiday-Superman w/Sweater
50653 POP Heroes: DC Holiday- Scrooge Batman
50652 POP Heroes: DC Holiday- WW w/Lights Lasso
50656 POP&Buddy:DC Holiday-Harley Quinn w/Helper
50839 Vinyl SODA: DC- Joker (1989) w/Chase
50918 Vinyl SODA:TMNT-MichaelangeloW/(GW)Chase
50922 Vinyl SODA:TNBC-OogieBoogieW/(GW)Chase
38532 POP Television: ST - Dustin (At Camp)
39367 POP Television: Stranger Things - Battle Eleven
38536 POP Television: ST - Eleven in Mall Outfit
34488 POP Television: Money Heist - Tokiow/Mask Chase
50817 POP Deluxe: Peanuts- Snoopy on Doghouse
52359 POP NBA: Lakers - 10" LeBron James(Purple Jersey)
51017 POP NBA:Lakers-10"LeBronJames(Yellow Jersey)
35450 Pop Pusheen: Pusheen
40630 POP Movies: IT: Chapter 2- Pennywise w/Balloon
48904 POP Star Wars:Rise of Skywalker-Sith Jet Trooper
49660 Advent Calendar: Dragon Ball Z

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