FUNKO Shipment Update (11/3/24)

FUNKO Shipment Update (11/3/24)
We have a BIG Shipment incoming! Expect these FUNKO releases that will soon be on-shelf! Happy Hunting!

54519 MM: The Mandalorian 12PC PDQ [RESTOCK]
37527 POP Star Wars: Electrocuted Vader [RESTOCK]
67534 POP Star Wars: SWNC- Darth Vader [RESTOCK]
76862 POP Star Wars: CW Duels- Jar Jar/Grievous 2PK
78009 POP Star Wars: Clone Wars- Ahsoka(DGLT)
62401 MM: ST S4- 12PC PDQ
74704 POP Movies: LotR- Aragorn(Army of the Dead) [RESTOCK]
76861 POP Movies: Goodfellas S1- Paulie Cicero [FUNKO WEB EXCLUSIVE]
76818 POP Televison: Simpsons- Mr Sparkle(DGLT)
34391 POP & Buddy: SP - Timmy & Gobbles
75670 POP TV: South Park- Randy Marsh
75671 POP TV: SP- Chef in Suit
75672 POP TV: SP- Mr. Mackey w/Sign
75673 POP TV: SP- Tweek Tweak
75674 POP Super: SP- Satan
75780 POP WWE: Hulkamania w/belt
65664 POP Disney: Bambi S2- Bambi
65665 POP Disney: Bambi S2- Flower
65666 POP Disney: Bambi S2- Thumper
73717 POP Towns: Encanto- Casita
77206 POP Disney: TLK- Lion King S2 4PK(GL)(EMEA)
77207 POP Disney: Snow White- 4PK(DGLT)(EMEA)
77382 POP Disney: AiW- Cheshire Cat(DGLT)
74458 POP Keychain: Winnie the Pooh DGLT
76706 POP Disney: WtP- Eeyore w/Balloon(TRL)
75722 POP Disney: DD 90th- Donald Duck(1938)
75723 POP Disney: DD 90th- Donald Duck(angry)
75724 POP Disney: DD 90th- Donald Duck(dapper)
75725 POP Disney: DD 90th- Donald Duck(heart eyes)
75726 POP Keychain: DD 90th- Donald Duck(1938)
77421 Mini Vinyl Figures: Donald 90th- 12PC PDQ
45137 POP Marvel: Endgame- Capt A w/BrokenShield&Mjolnir [HOT RESTOCK]
67606 POP Marvel: SM:NWH S3- Leaping SM1 [RESTOCK]
76849 POP Marvel: Loki Season 2- Loki & Mobius (1893) 2PK
70666 POP Vinyl: ECHO- Echo
70668 POP Vinyl: ECHO- Kingpin
68379 POP Jumbo: Pokemon- Umbreon
46863 POP Games: Pokemon S2- Vulpix [RESTOCK]
56307 POP Games: Pokemon S7- Pikachu (Sitting) [RESTOCK]
70585 POP Games: Pokemon- Grookey
70586 POP Games: Pokemon- Luxray
70587 POP Games: Pokemon- Wooloo
48600 POP Animation: DBZ S8- SS Goku (First Appearance) [RESTOCK]
59521 POP Jumbo: DBS- Goku w/(TRL)Scythe [RESTOCK]
76698 POP Animation: DBS- Goku vs Jiren 2PK(AB)
76944 POP Animation: DBS- Goku(Rose BLK)(GW)
5304 POP Animation: One Piece - Chopper [HOT RESTOCK]
76879 POP Vinyl: OP- Zoro "Nothing Happened" 
77622 POP Animation: DS- Spider Mother w/CHASE(GW)
51933 POP Animation: MHA- Infinite Deku w/Eri [HOT RESTOCK]
67329 POP Animation: MHA S5- Shoto Todoroki [RESTOCK]
82433 ASST POP Animation: MHA S12 Keychain
75562 POP Keychain: MHA- Mirko
75563 POP Keychain: MHA- Toga w/Face Cover
75557 POP Animation: MHA- Dabi(Flames)
75558 POP Animation: MHA- Re-Destro
75559 POP Animation: MHA- Ochaco w/CHASE(MT)
75560 POP Animation:  MHA- Mirko
75561 POP Deluxe: MHA- Shigaraki In Chair
77613 POP Animation: MHA- Shigaraki(Laughing) [FUNKO WEB EXCLUSIVE]
77960 POP Animation: MHA- Bakugo
70612 POP Animation: MHA HLB- Denki
70615 POP Animation: MHA HLB- Kirishima
70614 POP Animation: MHA HLB- Jiro
70616 POP Animation: MHA HLB- Ojiro
75386 POP Rocks: Michael Jackson(Dirty Diana)
77430 POP Rocks: Michael Jackson(Armor)
71326 POP Games: Sonic- Super/Shadow 2PK(GW)
71532 POP Games: Sonic- Super Sonic w/CHASE
75385 POP Rocks: Bella Poarch(Inferno)
75923 POP Keychain: GvK NE- Godzilla
75924 POP Keychain: GvK NE- Kong w/Mechanical Arm
75925 POP Movies: GvK NE- Shimo w/Ice-Ray
75926 POP Movies: GvK NE- Godzilla w/Heat-Ray
75927 POP Movies: GvK NE- Kong
75928 POP Movies: GvK NE- Suko
75929 POP Movies: GvK NE- Skar King
75930 POP Super: GvK NE- Godzilla
75931 POP Super: GvK NE- Kong
76671 POP Movies: GvK NE- Godzilla (Sleeping)
76902 POP Deluxe: GvK NE- Skar King w/Throne [FUNKO WEB EXCLUSIVE]
72234 POP Football: Barcelona- Raphinha
72235 POP Football: Barcelona- Gavi
72236 POP Football: Barcelona- Lewandowski
72237 POP Football: Barcelona- Pedri
72238 POP Football: Barcelona- Xavi
81534 POP Football: Barcelona - Ter Stegen
76873 POP Vinyl: Pooh w/Honey Pot(DGLT)

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